Windows 10 and Interlink Circulation compatibility

By Chris Allgood

For the past few decades Microsoft Windows has controlled the market for business and consumer computing. However, the tech giant’s last release, Windows 8, is often viewed as confusing, puzzling and harder to use, leaving many of us skeptical about upgrading. Those who did upgrade may have done so unwillingly, compelled by Microsoft’s announcement to eliminate support for Windows XP.

Windows 10 is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s OS and if you decide to upgrade, you will be delighted to know Interlink Circulation and AB4 are 100% compatible.

You may notice that the program looks cleaner around the edges but this is, and always has been, controlled by the Windows theme. Windows 10 brings back a revamped start menu so if you are upgrading from Windows XP or Windows 7 and you would like to pin the Circulation and/or AB4 icons to the start menu, you have that ability. If you are upgrading from Windows 8, you will already be familiar with many of the new features, most recognizably the “tiles” which now are used in conjunction with the start menu.

Right now, Microsoft is offering a promotion that allows many Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade for free before July 29, while there may be a fee for Windows XP and Vista users to upgrade. However, upgrading is optional and if the decision is made to not upgrade, your Interlink Circulation and AB4 experience will not be affected. If you find Windows 10 to be underwhelming or riddled with too many issues, you have 30 days to revert to your previous OS.

To find more information on Windows 10, such as system requirements or how to receive a free upgrade, please visit http://Microsoft/en-us/windows/features. And as always, you can expect full support with Interlink Circulation and AB4, as well as all of our supported printers.