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IMb Savings Calculator

It’s easy to find out how IMb impacts your postage.

With the retirement of POSTNET, the Intelligent Mail barcode, or IMb, is here to stay!

While use of IMb is not mandatory, Interlink’s Postal Savings Calculator will provide you the estimated savings of being IMb compliant – a value already included in Interlink Circulation.

Whether or not you’re an Interlink customer, whether or not you use or plan to convert to IMb, check out the calculator and take a moment to input your data by simply using a copy of your most recent 3541 Postage Statement as your guide.  The estimated total annual saving, or perhaps the estimated annual loss, provide information you can use to determine if IMb is right for your business.
IMb Savings Calculator

CASS Lookup

CASS, or “Coding Accuracy Support System” standardizes addresses so that they conform with USPS guidelines for street address abbreviations, city name abbreviations, and zip codes. It also assigns zip+4 extended zip codes, carrier route information, and Line-Of-Travel information. All address records in an Interlink Circulation list are CASS processed as part of the list servicing that happens during the postal sort.

To check individual addresses instantly, try our online CASS Lookup, updated monthly with the latest address information directly from the USPS.

CASS Lookup

Delivery Statistics

Claiming Delivery Squence Discounts

25% Threshold In-county-rate eligible mail qualifies for high-density walk sequence rates with mail going to 25% of the route or the standard 125-count, whichever is less. The 25% Threshold column calculates the minimum number of walk-sequenced pieces needed to qualify for this rate on each route. Compare your route counts to know which of your routes will qualify.

The annual savings per 100 qualified subscriptions mailed weekly is $83.20, which comes to $832.00 per 1,000 such mailed subscriptions.

Interlink Circulation is designed to make it easy to automate both the qualification check and the calculation for our clients claiming this rate. Combined with Interlink’s electronic Delivery Sequence File (DSF) service, the savings are quickly, inexpensively and automatically claimed.

To view the delivery statistics for an area, use our online delivery statistics lookup.

Delivery Statistics Lookup