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Interlink Circulation Official Release

Official Release Version: 2.6.1

This is the official release of Interlink Circulation and has undergone our standard testing protocol.

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Included in this Version:

Changes in Interlink Circulation Version 2.6.1:

  • [7033] We added an option to pre-calculate full pilferage for racks when you close issue. To enable this option, use Tools > Properties Editor, search for “prec” to find the property “Precalculate full pilferage at rack draw time”, click Edit, check the box and click OK, then Close to return to the main screen.
  • [8288] We added a feature to eDoc submissions that prints a bar code for each submitted postage statement on your Job ID Report, with each postage statement on a separate page for the Post Office to scan when you drop off your mailing. This makes it easier for your Post Office to locate your eDoc in the PostalOne! system.
  • [9958] We changed the way the “Minimum papers per pallet” value is calculated on the summary page of the Periodical Mailroom Report to prevent accidental truncation during division that could result in the value being one less than it should be.
  • [10202] We added the ability to designate mail entry points at a finer- grained level than just 5-digit ZIP, using sublists.
  • [10220] We added a Smart Sampling option to decline the return of undeliverable sample copies mailed using approved types of simplified addressing, which are automatically applied to the all Smart Sampled mailing labels along with a service type ID declining the return of the mail piece.
  • [10540] We increased the width of the payment Check/Receipt Number field from 10 characters to 30. There’s not enough space to display all 30 at once, so on the Receive Payment screen the field auto-scrolls as you type and the Payments Report only prints the last 18 characters when the field holds more than 18 characters.
  • [10687] We added the ability to disable small bundles for periodical mailings by adding a new property named Min Papers Per Overflow Bundle that you can set using Tools > Properties Editor. The default value is 1 and the intended value range is from 1 through 6. Using values outside of this range may cause unpredictable results.
  • [9370] We added more fields to the main screen’s field selection list.
  • [9734] We added Active Newspaper with Print and Digital Delivery to the Show drop-down list.
  • [10118] We separated Alternate Mail Entry from a single button on the General Tab under File > Configure List into separate buttons on the Periodical Mail and Marketing Mail tabs. We changed the name of the Mail Entry Type field to Entry Discount to more accurately reflect its purpose. We converted the Use Default Edition checkbox to a Use Custom Edition checkbox for Periodical Mail only (it is converted automatically the first time you open your list). We added checkboxes for which USPS forms to create (postage statement and/or PVDS form, depending on mailing type and their values are automatically inferred the first time you open your list). Instead of having a single choice for Post Office of Entry, we now have separate choices for Verification Location and Entry Location and we renamed the Postal Sort Values section to Postal Sort Options. Rather than make the Additional Mail Entry Details dialog taller, we placed these three sections in a tabbed subsection.
  • [10450] We updated Dealer Bills to print the number of decimal places you’ve configured on new dealer bills for all values other than the Balance Forward and Balance Due, both of which are still rounded to two decimal places.
  • [10657] We updated Sack and Tray tags to show when a combined mailing sack or tray has mixed content.
  • [10658] We added new sections to the Mailroom Report. One of the new sections shows which sacks or trays have mixed content. The other new section shows which sacks or trays, if any, go on which APC or pallet.
  • [10660] We added support for sacks or trays on APCs or pallets.
  • [10675] Because the P indicator on a mailing label key line can refer to either a package or a pallet, we changed the indicator for a package to B for bundle.
  • [10676] We added a variety of pallet-related information to the Mailroom Report for those of you that use pallets.
  • [10757] We updated the Kansas Sales Task Update task for 1Q2021.
  • [10864] We removed the non-IMb versions of the Citizen CLP-621 and CL-S621 advanced drivers after contacting all Circulation users of those drivers and having them switch to the IMb versions.
  • [10926] We removed the automatic backup that used to be done when you open your list in a new version of Circulation for the first time.
  • [10932] We now send your publication name as your customer description when submitting periodical mail eDoc and your publication title when submitting marketing mail eDoc. In the case were the name or title is blank, we substitute your list name, which was previously used for all eDoc submissions.
  • [10222] We corrected an error that result in CSV renewals being sorted incorrectly.
  • [10257] We corrected an error that could cause periodical mail pieces with a PO Box address in a ZIP code in the B001 exception table to be charged at a higher rate than needed if the mailing doesn’t meet deflection standards.
  • [10296] We corrected our postal sort to add non-sequenced pieces to the end of basic carrier routes, in order to avoid creating 3- or 5-digit bundles, like it already does for high-density and saturation carrier routes.
  • [10357] We corrected display errors in the Locked List Encountered dialog that cut off some of the message text.
  • [10358] We added a confirmation dialog that pops up when you cancel sending your list to Interlink.
  • [10371] We corrected an error that prevented a low volume left-over special MADC pallet from being converted into a sack or tub.
  • [10718] We added an option to print your publication name instead of your list name on your Bundle Tops Newspapers and/or your Bundle Tops Shoppers reports. To activate this option, choose the appropriate report under Tools > Default Report Values and check the new Print Publication Name option.
  • [10752] We Improved the layout of the Notification and Expiration Schedule dialog.
  • [10759] We corrected an error that could cause your eDoc submission to fail if you are using pallets.
  • [10807] We corrected an error that could cause the last piece of a large firm bundle to be split out into a different bundle.
  • [10813] We corrected an earned income calculation error that resulted in a restarted expired subscription to earn for the full month instead of a partial month if it was restarted later than the first of the month.
  • [10934] We corrected a postal sort error that failed to price non-automation 5-digit scheme bundles.
  • [10947] We corrected an error in Circulation 2.6 with carrying the base weight forward for Periodical Mailings with preset insert weights.
Postal Tables

Includes the 2021 Full-Service Release 2 City State and Delivery Statistics data, Labeling Lists, and Zone Charts, all of which have a first use date for mailings dated 1/1/2021, a mandatory use date for mailings dated 3/1/2021 and a last use date for mailings dated 3/31/2021.

  • The City State, Delivery Statistics, Labeling Lists, and Zone Chart information is Copyright (c) United States Postal Service 2005-2020.
  • The information was published by Interlink, Inc., a company which holds a non-exclusive license from the United States Postal Service to publish and sell City State, Delivery Statistics, Labeling Lists, and Zone Chart information.
  • The price of the City State, Delivery Statistics, Labeling Lists, and Zone Chart information is neither established, controlled or approved by the United States Postal Service.

Interlink Circulation references the following trademarks and/or service marks that are owned by the United States Postal Service:

  • CASS™, CASS Certified™, DirectDPV™, DMM®, DPV®, DSF2®, eLOT®, LACSLink®, MASS™, Post Office™, Postal Service™, United States Postal Service®, SuiteLink™, U.S. Mail™, U.S. Postal Service®, USPS®, ZIP+4®, and ZIP Code™.
    Copy of letter from the USPS about all PAVE Cycle S Certifications being extended through January 23, 2022:

    Date: December 3, 2020
    To: PAVE/MAC Batch Software Vendors
    Subject: Extended Certification Cycle S

    This advisory is to inform you that there will be no PAVE/MAC Batch Certification testing for the 2021 Price Change release due to no required presort changes/updates to FCM, Periodicals or USPS Marketing Mail for letters or flats.

    Product certifications achieved during PAVE/MAC Batch Cycle S will be extended on the Certified Products Lists (CPL) until January 23, 2022 including those preparation options requiring PAVE certification per DMM 602.8.0.

    ZAP Certification will also be extended to all applicable products if the vendor’s National Zone Charts Matrix subscription is kept current until January 23, 2022.

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How to Install This Update:
  1. Exit all copies of Interlink Circulation running on your computer.
  2. Click the Windows Start button.
  3. Select Control Panel.
  4. Click Add/Remove Programs.
  5. Select Interlink Circulation.
  6. Click Remove… and follow the prompts. While this will uninstall Interlink Circulation, your circulation lists including all subscribers will remain untouched on your computer.
  7. * Click this link to download this official release version:
  8. When prompted, select Run, or Open (depending on your browser).
  9. When the download has completed, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Advertising Billing 4

Official Release Version: 4/8/2019

Advertising Billing 4 is a feature-mature system that requires no regular updates or maintenance. However, when feature enhancements are added or other issues are resolved new versions are posted here. Interlink recommends always updating to the latest version as soon as it is available. Choose one of the links below to begin downloading Advertising Billing 4 Version 4/8/2019.

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No release notes available for this release.

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How to Install This Update:

  1. Exit all copies of AB4 running on your computer.
  2. Click this link to download this official release version:
  3. When prompted, select Run, or Open (depending on your browser).
  4. When the download has completed, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.
  5. If you are running AB4 on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and this is the first time you’ve installed AB4, you will also need to install one of the following two Microsoft udpates:
    1. Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows Vista.
    2. Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) for Windows 7.

    The details of why this is necessary are explained in this Microsoft Knowledge Base article.