Print To Mail

Increase retention with Print To Mail

Interlink Circulation’s Print To Mail Service delivers a custom, newspaper-specific, personalized renewal form with tear-off return slip and a window envelope to each subscriber whose subscription is about to expire.

  • Customized with your newspaper logo
  • Eliminates the need to maintain inventory for renewals in-house
  • Eliminates delayed renewals caused by the demands of “getting the paper out”
  • And renewing subscribers’ envelopes will arrive at your office with money inside without you even having to lick a stamp!

Print to Mail looks professional and gets great results!

CDS (Computerized Delivery Sequence)

Grow your subscribers with CDS

Interlink exclusively offers its clients access to official USPS-certified address lists for ZIP Codes they choose, with very few exceptions.  The Postal Service calls these lists Computerized Delivery Sequence (CDS) lists and updates them quarterly to keep each list as accurate as possible.

  • Use CDS to build circulation through simple, effective Smart Sampling.  Interlink Circulation makes it easy to place sample newspapers in their own mailing with their own postal report, thus allowing special subscription offers that may not be available to current subscribers to be inserted in sampled papers.
  • Use CDS to start or expand a TMC shopper – or just to do periodic special TMC mailings for special sections to increase advertising
  • Use CDS to offer supplemental direct mail opportunities to customers

Printer Rental

Software + Printer + Label = Guaranteed IMb Compatibility

You’ve seen thermal labels on our order supply form for years.  You’ve thought about trashing that slow, loud dot matrix printer for the speed and quiet of the Citizen thermal label printer but didn’t think you could afford it.  Now, your old printer won’t produce Intelligent Mail barcodes.  What to do?  Dot matrix?  Thermal? Dot matrix? Thermal?  Interlink’s Citizen printer service makes the decision easy and you can be assured your printed labels meet IMb requirements.

  • A monthly* low rate of $24.95 provides peace of mind knowing your labels meet USPS requirements for automation discounts.
  • Easily order from Interlink thermal labels for the Citizen printer from our online store and save yourself time and hassle of having to shop around for labels.

* Six-month minimum agreement required