Interlink Circulation Features

Interlink Circulation is the most widely used newspaper-circulation system in America helping more than 1,550 community newspapers navigate the postal system to obtain the best delivery at the lowest cost. Click here to download a PDF copy of the brochure. We invite you to review the product information listed below and contact us with any questions you may have.  

Smart Sampling™

  • With Interlink Circulation’s Smart Sampling tool and your purchased CDS addresses (USPS-certified), you can market directly to non-subscribers within ZIP codes and routes you choose without disrupting delivery quality to current subscribers.
  • Non-subscribers can receive special offers and inserts with their sample papers while your subscribers continue to receive their usual labeled papers.
  • With Interlink’s Smart Sampling, your sampling will be more focused and more effective.

PAVE-Certified plus CASS processing

  • PAVE-Certified means the Postal Service has pre-approved your system. Your postmaster will like this.
  • Interlink’s CASS processing service will process your list every two months at dramatic savings over subscribing to separate CASS processing software.


Postage Savings

  • Is fully AUTOMATION compatible. Many papers already qualify for these lower rates. Qualifying papers save an average of 3 cents per piece on all non-carrier-routed pieces.
  • Supports ZIP-E4 4- Delivery Point and Postnet bar codes.
  • Automatically packages for lower-postage Unique 3-digit packages.
  • Uses regularly updated postal tables to automatically package all subscribers in the lowest cost packages.
  • Cuts postage with automatic FIRM-package function.
  • Cuts postage by walk sequencing if applicable.
  • Cuts postage by automatically applying postal carrier route saturation walk-sequence levels where possible


Quicker Mail Preparation & Delivery

  • Prints complete 3541 and 3602 postage reports at the touch of a key.
  • Prints Bar-coded mail sack and tray tags in the order the labels print.
  • Calculates and handles inserts automatically. Prints individual postage reports for sub-lists created by insert combination.
  • Groups label packages by insert combination.
  • Automates USPS provision for user-defined 5-digit and 3-digit package override. This lets you speed distant delivery by bypassing ADCs and even SCFs.
  • All labels include Optional Endorsement Line which eliminates separate package/bundle labels, facing slips, and stickers.
  • Automates route sampling. Just indicate the routes you want to sample in a simple table, and the rest is automatic.
  • Makes 5-digit packages and sacks with fewer than six pieces for speedier delivery. Simply enter ZIP in the package exception table.


Single Copy Sales & Non-Mail Delivery

  • Bills and manages Counter / Vendor / Agent sales.
  • Manages Rack Sales.
  • Supports non-mail carrier route delivery for systems with up to 900 delivery routes.
  • Full Paid-in-Advance (PIA) / Office-Pay management for private-carrier-delivered subscriptions.
  • Full messaging system for private carrier bundle tops.


Subscriber Records

  • Alternate address and scheduled switching for snow birds and other temporary away-from-home subscribers.
  • Bill-To addresses for separate billing and delivery addresses.
  • Gift-From linkage to donor record for automatic billing of donor rather than recipient of a gift subscription.
  • Uses temporary stop / restart date fields to extend subscription renewal dates.
  • Up to six levels of renewal notification for sequenced renewal efforts.
  • Includes phone number field for easier, personalized phone solicitation of renewals.
  • Capacity for up to 30 different subscription rates, each with up to four subscription lengths.
  • Automatic extension of renewal dates when payments are posted.


Financial Records

  • Calculates earned income and unearned income monthly.
  • Unlimited number storage of payment records. Payments may be printed for any date range.



  • Interlink’s list conversion service converts your data to Circulation format so the list is ready for use during training.
  • Easily imports lists in comma delimited, tab delimited, and fixed length ASCII.
  • Simplified keyboard entry for those converting from plates or cards. .


Special Features

  • Includes more than 75 ready-to-use reports.
  • User-definable reports let you customize reports based on your specific needs.
  • Stores extra information in 8 user-definable fields.
  • Supports non-duplicated Total Market Coverage shoppers.
  • Print-run estimate report can cut newsprint consumption.
  • Look-up by name, address, phone and record number.
  • Query by any field or combination of fields.
  • Automatic backup option lets your system keep daily and weekly backups on your hard disk for quick replacement if needed.
  • Full support for CDS service from your Postal Service.
  • Automatic postal and home delivery routing at the touch of a key.
  • Cross tabulation of lists by fields you choose.
  • Powerful search-and-replace function lets you make corrections automatically for selected records.
  • Full circulation audit reporting for ABC, CAC, etc.
  • Password protection for securing your list.



Interlink Circulation Management software is licensed on an annual basis. Your pricing fee is determined by demands, based on frequency of publishing and size of your publications as measured by circulation, as well as any of the various list services you may choose to use.

The goal of sliding-scale fees is always to minimize fees through pricing that makes it possible for the greatest number of publications to use the software and services. While increased frequency or circulation will increase overall fees, fees per subscriber actually drop as circulation increases.
Newspapers with a few hundred circulation published weekly, to papers with thousands of circulation daily, find Interlink’s Circulation delivers an excellent return on investment.


System Requirements

  • Broadband internet connection on the Circulation PC. ISDN, DSL, Cable-modem, or T1 are all acceptable. Satellite services, wireless and dialup can be used in a pinch, but are not recommended or supported.
  • Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating system. (Mac users self-report fully meeting Interlink system requirements using Parallels or Bootcamp on an Intel Mac, though Interlink does not support the Mac side of these systems.)
  • 4 GB RAM or more recommended for best performance.
  • 50 GB or more free disk space on the local PC.
  • Intel Dual Core i5 processor or equivalent. (Ask your system administrator or vendor if you are uncertain about whether your processer meets this requirement.)
  • A laser printer that is configured and tested to work properly under Windows.
  • (Optional) A high speed label printer from the supported driver list. It must be available as a Windows printer but does not require a driver, the text printer driver is fine.