Tech Support Q&A – My Circulation icon disappeared.

Q. While updating Interlink Circulation to the latest version, my icon disappeared. How do I get it back?

A. When updating to a newer version of Circulation, occasionally the icon will disappear from the desktop as the older version is being uninstalled in preparation for the new version. An interruption of this process (connectivity issues, cancelling the install and/or power failure) could leave a missing icon from your desktop. If your update has been interrupted, simply download the software here  Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to Run or Save the installation package.  Running is the preferred method, but if you’re required to Save, you will then need to locate/Run the Circulation.exe file to complete installation.  Once successfully installed, you should be able to open your Circulation list as normal and with minimal interruption.



2 Responses to Tech Support Q&A – My Circulation icon disappeared.

  1. KELLY says:

    How do I take off Newspaper on Hold: Vacation Pack?

  2. Client Solutions says:

    Good morning, Kelly,

    Thank you for contacting Interlink Client Solutions.

    In order to take a subscriber off hold vacation pack, open the subscriber by highlighting the subscriber you wish to change and click edit.

    Once you are in the customer’s record, click on the vacation tab and where it states temporary stop, enter a date in the restart on date, then click apply, and then click ok.

    This will remove your subscriber from vacation hold.

    Please note that changes will not take effect until your next close issue.

    If you have any other questions, please give us a call at 888-473-3103.

    Thank you.