Tech Support Q&A – How do I stop a paper for a subscriber going on vacation?

Q:  How do I stop the paper for a subscriber going on vacation?

A:  Open the desired subscriber and follow the steps below:

1. Select the vacation tab

2. Enter a stop date for when they no longer wish to get the paper – enter today if they are asking for a delayed start.

3. Enter a Restart date if and/or when it is known at any time after the stop date has been entered

4. If the subscriptions expiration date is to be adjusted by the number of days stopped, check the box labeled “Extend”.

When the issue is closed the stop date is compared to the issue date.  If the stop date is in the past, the record will be stopped.  Once the record is stopped, the system will look at the Restart date in comparison to the Issue date, and be restarted when the Restart date falls on or before the Issue date.  The expiration date will be extended if the Extend box is checked when the subscription is restarted.