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Wrong label layout in Circulation

What to do when the number of labels across is not what you were expecting; e.g., 1-up printed but 4-up was expected.

This is caused by an improperly selected page layout in the label printer configuration. To correct the layout:

  1. Select “File” then “Configure Printers…”
  2. Click the “Labels” tab, or “Renewals” tab if printing renewal labels
  3. From the “Page Layout:” dropdown, select the correct page layout option*
  4. Click the “OK” button to save the changes.

*If the desired page layout does not appear in the drop-down, consider changing to a supported page layout or contact Interlink to request a quote on the development of a layout that will suit your needs.

Alternatively, Interlink offers many options for label stock that have been tested and guaranteed to work with existing layout options.