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Unable to register Interlink Circulation

To successfully register the Interlink Circulation program your computer must have a broadband connection (DSL, Cable Modem etc.) to the Internet. You will also need your Account number (also known as your Site ID) and Registration Password (not your zip code).

What is happening

Each time the Interlink Circulation program starts up, it verifies the registration information and services that your company has available for your lists. If there are problems with any of the three items mentioned above, you will receive an error message that says the program is unable to register with Interlink or has failed.

Possible causes

If you are running Circulation in Windows 7 or newer for the first time, it is most likely that you have to “Run as Administrator” as noted under “What the solution is” below.

If you are not running in Windows 7 or newer for the first time:

When registration occurs, the Site ID and Password are stored in your system. If you have registered in the past then this information is most likely correct. However, if you have changed the Site ID and/or Password during an attempt to register then you may have introduced an error into the information.

When registration fails, it is most often due to a poor or non-existent Internet connection or a Firewall blocking the program from communicating with Interlink’s Systems. If others in your company are having difficulties with Internet access, and/or your web browser cannot connect to an offsite location such as www.ilsw.com, then you may be experiencing connectivity problems.

What the solution is

If you are running Circulation for the first time in Windows 7 or newer:

  1. Close Circulation
  2. Right click on the Circulation Icon
  3. Click on “Run as Administrator”.
  4. When window opens to register Circulation, make sure info is correct and click Ok.

If you are not running Circulation in Windows 7 or newer for the first time, and you have verified the Site ID and Password are accurate and the system still fails to register, then the problem is most likely your Internet connection.

To resolve a troublesome Internet connection:

Sometimes the problem is a temporary problem due to a large amount of traffic coming and/or going out on your Internet connection, or as simple as your computer being unplugged from your network.

Something could be amiss in your company’s network or a recent change with your Internet service; check with your local networking/technical support personnel to verify that the program has access to the ilsw.com domain, and that there are no firewall problems in the way.

If all the above options have been verified, then it may be time to contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ask for some assistance in monitoring the network traffic to see if their systems are somehow blocking or dropping the connection.