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Test Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb)

You will need a MID (Mailer ID) which is described in detail here: https://ribbs.usps.gov/index.cfm?page=intellmailmailidapp

  1. Open your list in Interlink Circulation, and go to File, then Configure List
  2. Click on the Periodical Mail (or Standard Mail) tab, and click the Contact Information button
  3. In the Publisher tab, enter your Mailer ID if you know it, or 987654321, then click OK
  4. Close an issue to generate labels with a barcode
  5. Print your Periodical (or Standard Mail) Statistics Report and find a sack that has SCF, MADC, or OMX
  6. Find a bundle with a low number of labels in it by looking at the label column for the bundle
  7. Note the number in the Package column
  8. Go to Reports, check the Periodical (or Standard) Mailing Labels in the Mailings tab, and click Print All
  9. At the top left enter the number in Step 5 next to “Bundle # to Print. Leave Blank for “All”
  10. Check Print IMb, and click Continue.
  11. To test the barcodes, you can either scan them with an IMb scanner (you can download IMb scanners for your Smart Phone), or take them to your local Post Office and have them scan a few to ensure they are working properly

Please contact Client Solutions at 888-473-3103 if you have any questions about IMb.