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Set up promotional rates

Promotional rates are useful when offering new subscribers a special rate for a specified amount of time. These rates are a one-time use rate per new subscriber, meaning once the rate is used for a new subscriber, they will default to the assigned, regular rate, when they renew their subscription.

To set up a promotional rate:

  1. Go to File, Configure List then click the Subscriptions tab
  2. Select the Promotional Rates… button on the upper-left, under Subscription Rates
  3. Click the Add button on the new window that comes up, and that will bring up another window
  4. Set up the promotional rates as you wish and then click OK to save the rate and close the window
  5. Click Apply and then OK on the remaining two windows to save the changes and exit the window

Your promotional rate is now set up. You will choose this rate on the PAYMENT tab, where you enter the customer’s payment.

When this subscription expires, the subscriber will default back to the original rate that was set up when their file was created.

To use the promotional rates:

  1. Add new subscriber and enter name and address information
  2. Place them on the regular rate (for example, In-County)
  3. When accepting payment, drop down the Promotional Rates list, and choose appropriate rate
  4. Enter the paid amount
  5. Click Apply and Ok to exit the payment window and return to the subscriber payment window
  6. Click Ok to save and close



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