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Roll back an Interlink Circulation list

There are some instances when you may need to roll back your list to a previous version. 

Some examples of when you may need to roll your list back include:

  • Issue was closed prior to having all Inserts set up.
  • Issue was closed prior to updating sampling information.
  • Issue was closed with an incorrect weight.
  • Issue was closed without expiring subscribers, as was intended.

Here’s how to roll back an Interlink Circulation list to the last time you closed issue.

  1. From the File menu, select Roll back List.
  2. Confirm the date and time being rolled back to is correct. If so, click Yes, otherwise click No and contact Interlink for further assistance. Note that all changes made to the current Circulation list since the date and time shown will be lost when clicking Yes.
  3. The roll back may take several minutes to complete, at which time the subscriber list will be shown.

Additional Information

The Roll back List option under the File menu is used to take a Circulation list, in its entirety, back to the exact way it was before the most recent issue was closed. In this way, the Roll back list is tied to Close Issue and is sometimes used as a way to “unclose” an issue.

It is important to understand that when a list is rolled back, ALL changes made to the list after the date and time being rolled back to are lost, as if they never happened.

Consider the following example to illustrate how Roll back List works:

  • All new subscribers and payments made for 03/20/2014 issue are entered.
  • Issue for 10/20/2014 is closed.
  • Rack returns from 10/20/2014 issue are entered.
  • New subscriber “Jane Smith” is added to the list, expecting to receive 10/27/2014 issue.
  • Roll back List is used, undoing the closed issue and all changes since.
  • Issue for 10/20/2014 must be re-closed, rack returns must be re-entered and Jane Smith must be re-added to the list, prior to closing the 10/27/2014 issue.

Roll back list simply replaces the current Circulation list with a backup that is created prior to every close issue. Backups are stored in a temporary folder that can be viewed by selecting Explore Temporary Files under the Tools menu.

When rolling back a list, the user is presented with the date and time that the most recent backup was taken, and to what close issue date it relates. It is possible to roll back a list multiple times; however, each time a list is rolled back, recently added information will be lost as the list is rolled farther into the past.