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Print post card renewals

Provided below are instructions on how to set up Interlink Circulation to print renewal post cards:

  1. Click on File and Configure List. Select the Subscriptions tab.
  2. Click the Renewal and Expiration Schedule button.
  3. Use the drop down arrow underneath Notification Report Style to select Post Card.
  4. Click on OK, and OK again.

Change Printer Settings

  1. Click on Reports
  2. Click Change Printer Settings
  3. Click the Renewals tab
  4. Select the appropriate printer name
  5. Change the Page Layout to Postcards, 1up, 4×6, perforated
  6. Make sure the correct Advanced Driver is selected, and click OK.

Printing Renewals

  1. In the Reports menu, click Current Reports
  2. Select the Renewals Category and check Subscription Renewals or Subscription Renewals-Manual.
  3. Click on Print All at the bottom.
  4. Enter in the expiration date range of subscribers you wish to send renewals to.
  5. Check any other appropriate boxes and click Continue.



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