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Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb), configuration and printer information

What is Intelligent Mail barcodes (IMb)?

Interlink Circulation offers Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) for Full-Service Intelligent Mail.  Full-Service Intelligent Mail integrates electronic mailing documentation (eDoc) with Intelligent Mail barcodes so the postal service will have 100% visibility of the mail as it flows through the postal network, thereby reducing costs and improving delivery.

To set up your list to generate IMbs on mail pieces that qualify, please follow the steps below:

Ensure you have:

  1. Circulation version 2.1 or higher
  2. Your Mailer ID (MID) and Customer Registration ID (CRID).  If not, you may apply at

If you have difficulty acquiring a Mailer ID, please call USPS Customer Service at 1-800-ASK-USPS® (800-275-8777).

To configure Circulation:

  1. Open your Circulation list
  2. File | Configure List | Periodical Mail/ Standard Mail | Choose Contact Information
  3. Input your Mailer ID | Click OK
  4. Check Barcoded Mailing
  5. Apply | Click OK

Once you have closed issue with these changes in place, you will have the option to generate Intelligent Mail Barcodes by choosing “Print IMb” in your Mailing Labels ‘Report Questions’.

List of printers confirmed for IMb compatibility with Interlink Circulation:

Epson LQ-570

*Epson LQ-590

*Epson LQ-2090

*Epson FX-890

*Epson FX-2190

Epson DFX 8000

*Epson DFX 9000

Okidata ML 390

*Okidata ML 490

*Okidata ML 491

Okidata ML 590

Okidata ML 591

Okidata Pacemark 3410

Citizen CLP-7202e (compatible but not recommended due to slow performance)

*Citizen CLP-621

*Citizen CL-S621

Printers known to be incompatible with Interlink Circulation:

Citizen CLP-6002

Citizen 7202 E

Citizen CL-S700

C.Itoh S4 Rotated 180

Epson Stylus 1520

Okidata ML 320

Okidata ML 321321 turbo

Okidata ML 395

Okidata ML 420

Okidata ML 421

Okidata ML 591

Zebra 105SL

*Note: Printers marked with an (*) are officially supported printers by Interlink Circulation. Other printers listed in the compatible section have been tested and confirmed to work, but with unsupported advanced drivers in the program.

Also, most inkjet addressing systems are now compatible with IMb, as are all laser printers for Avery-style cut-sheet labels.

Available to rent from Interlink is the CL-S621 for $24.95/month.  Labels and ribbon can be purchased from Interlink as well.


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