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Use the Smart Sampling feature

Interlink’s Smart Sampling™ targets growth potential in every market by identifying non-subscribers in your primary ZIP codes so you can directly market to them without disrupting delivery quality for current subscribers.  Traditional bulk saturation sampling simply can’t do that.

To use Smart Sampling, USPS-certified address must first be purchased.  Please contact Interlink for more information and pricing.

To begin using Smart Sampling once the purchased addresses have been attached to your list:

  1. Click the ‘Smart Sampling™’ button on the left side of the open Interlink Circulation screen.
  2. Check the ‘Use Smart Sampling™’ box to enable Smart Sampling.
  3. If you want to only sample residential addresses, check ‘Include Residential Counts Only’.
  4. If you plan to include a special offer or promotional insert in your sample newspapers, select ‘Include Special Insert’ as this will separate your sample subscribers from your paid subscribers.
  5. To sample specific routes within a given ZIP code:
    1. Click the ‘+’ sign next to the ZIP code to expand the selection and display the individual routes available.
    2. Check the box(es) for each route you want to sample*.
  6. Once all desired routes have been selected, view the ‘Selected Samples’ total at the bottom of the screen to confirm it meets your expectations.
  7. When setup is complete, click the OK button at the bottom of the dialog box.
  8. When ready, ‘Close Issue’ as normal.

Once Close Issue has been completed, please print your Statistics Report before you print labels to confirm the mailed copies number has increased as expected.

Until you change your Smart Sampling™ selections, subsequent issues will automatically include sampled copies.