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Keep papers in single ZIP from splitting

Papers from a single ZIP can get split among carrier route sacks and M3D sacks because of the 24-paper minimum rule

By following the steps below, you may use the exemption table entry to keep papers in a single ZIP from splitting.

  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Click on Configure List
  3. Open the Periodical Mail tab
  4. Click on the Customize Sacks/Tubs… button
  5. Open the Exceptions tab
  6. Click Add
  7. Enter ZIPS you would like to keep together in a container
  8. Choose OK to Save

The next time you close an issue, all papers in this ZIP will go into direct sacks. No more splits.

Additional Information:

Using this table creates a container that may otherwise not exist, with the added advantage of improved delivery where DDU’s exist.

Please be advised that a Postal Service representative can request that you change this at any time.

There is no additional cost if the ZIP is in-county. If the ZIP is out-of-county and there isn’t a sack into which the papers will be logically added, the exception table will add a sack at the applicable container price (see Part E of your 3541, sack pricing does not apply to Standard Mail).