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Create and edit inserts

Interlink Circulation allows inserts to be specified based on both geographic and non-geographic criteria. For each insert covering a different group of subscribers, a new set of mailing reports will be created. We call these different coverage groups list sections, as each one is a subset of your overall list.

When printing postage reports, you will be given an option to enter separate values of weight and advertising percentage for each list section. There are no limits to the number of inserts that can be configured and they can be turned on or off on an issue by issue basis.

Creating and Editing Inserts

  1. Click the Inserts tab at the top of the program.
  2. Click the Add button to create a new insert, or select an existing Insert and click Edit to make changes.
  3. Enter the appropriate name in the Insert Name: field
  4. Specify if this insert should be apply to Newspaper or Shopper by checking the box next one or both options.
  5. Specify the area this insert should cover by clicking the Add button.
  6. Select the type of coverage you wish to define (see below for Coverage Type and Description options).
  7. Repeat Step 5 to set additional coverage areas.
  8. When finished, click OK to save the insert.

The newly created insert(s), and changes to existing inserts will now be in effect for the next issue closed. However, new or updated inserts will not apply to an issue that has already been closed.


Coverage Type and Description

All — Full insert coverage meaning all subscribers will receive the insert.  Additional coverage areas on inserts with All coverage are ignored.

3-digit — Coverage for a specified 3 digit ZIP code area.  for example, 3-digit coverage for 491 will send the inserts to all subscribers in 49103, 49120, and so on.

5-digit — Coverage for all subscribers in the specified 5-digit in the specified ZIP code area will receive the insert.

PO Route — Coverage for all subscribers on a specific route in a specific zip code will receive the insert.

Rack — Coverage for all papers that are to be placed in a specific rack.

Agent — Coverage for all papers that are to be delivered to a specific dealer.

Delivery Route — Coverage for all papers on a specified home delivery route.

Sublist — Sublists allow you to send inserts to groups of subscribers not distinguishable by geographic area. Sublists are configured under File | Configure list | Sublists. For assistance setting up Sublists, please contact Client Solutions.


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