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Delete subscriber records and old reports

Occasionally, you may want to purge old records from your database. This option is available by first calling client solutions to request the delete feature be turned on, and secondly, by purging old reports.

To delete subscriber records from Interlink Circulation, you must first call client solutions to request the feature be turned on. Upon this request, a client solutions representative will email you a Delete Authorization Form. This form informs the customer that once they have deleted a record it cannot be undone, and deleting records can affect Earned Income in Interlink Circulation. Upon receiving the completed form, a representative will e-mail you to confirm when your account has been updated.

Please note that this may take a few hours to complete, and the signature must be of the Publisher or Circulation Manager. Once the customer has signed and returned the form, the feature is turned on. Please allow 30 minutes for ‘synchronization’, at which point you should ‘close’ the Interlink Circulation program and re-open. You should then have the ‘option’ to DELETE subscribers as you see fit. Customers may prune or delete old reports from their list to help keep their list tidy. To remove old reports from Interlink Circulation, please follow the directions below:


  1. Open List
  2. Select Task and Prune Records
  3. A window will open that shows when the last pruning was completed. This window also shows which reports will be removed and from what dates. PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY.
  4. If you still wish to delete reports, click Prune.

Please note that Interlink Circulation automatically prunes reports. If you would like to change the frequency the program prunes reports, please follow the instructions below:


  1. Open List
  2. Select Tools and Properties Editor
  3. Scroll down until you find Properties that say “Prune”
  4. To change the frequency that certain reports are pruned, highlight the property and click on Edit
  5. Change the Value to your desired frequency

*Note: Please be aware that similar to deleting subscriber records, once you have pruned reports they are permanently removed and there is no way to retrieve them. It is advised you use this feature with caution.*