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Create a sack tag for a ZIP code currently not getting one

Recently, the United States Postal Service has begun closing Sectional Center Facilities (SCF). The closure of many SCF was planned to save money on operational costs, but the closures may be asking newspapers to sacrifice delivery as well. Currently, USPS is still allowing mailers to claim the DSCF discount even if the designated entry SCF has closed; however, mailers may be forced to sacrifice delivery speed of their newspapers.

If you are experiencing delivery issues, Interlink Circulation may be able to help. Sack tags can be created for a specific ZIP code thus eliminating the need for the SCF to sort the mail, and thereby increasing delivery speed. The one consequence of this action is that an extra sack is being created which adds a container charge for any out-of-county ZIP codes for which tags are being created, so use this feature wisely.

To add an exception you will need to have access to your Interlink Circulation list and a list of the ZIP code for which you’d like to create sack tags.

First, open your Interlink Circulation list and click File and then Configure list. Click the Periodical Mail tab, and then click Customize Sack/Tubs.

Here, you will click and enter the ZIP code needing a sack tag, and click OK. Once you have entered all ZIP codes you would like to create sacks for, click OK twice to save your changes.

These changes will take place the next time that the issue is closed.  Please contact Client Solutions at (888) 473-3103 if you have any questions.

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