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Barcodes not printing on labels

There are several reasons barcodes may not print on your labels:

  1. The option to print barcodes is not turned on in File | Configure List. The result of this is that no labels will have any barcode on them. The box for Barcoded Mailing must be checked in order to have barcodes printed on your labels.Barcoded Mailing Screen capture2
  2. Barcodes will not print if the package does not need barcodes – CAR-RT LOT, CAR-RT WSS, or CAR-RT WSH will not have barcodes on them because the bundle goes straight to the carrier.
  3. Printer Setting Misconfigurations could be an issue. If the wrong advanced printer driver is selected, or the advanced driver box is not selected when it should be, this can result in issues not printing barcodes.
  4. The printer is incapable of printing barcodes (unsupported printer). Printers that are known and verified to support barcodes are available from Client Solutions.

Check each of these areas: Print Preview or the Statistics report will indicate if Interlink Circulation is attempting to generate a barcode for specific labels and/or bundles.

Note: Barcodes are only printed for packages requiring them in order to speed up printing and save your printer consumables. At the minimum this means you won’t see them on ECRLOT and WSS/HD packages.

Additionally, many post offices without automation capable equipment in their local office will automatically send all barcoded mail upstream to the SCF or ADC to be read on the barcode reader, causing significant delivery delays.

To configure your list to print barcodes:

  1. Open your list in Circulation
  2. Go to File > Configure List
  3. Click Periodical Mail and then under periodical mail options, ensure the Barcoded Mailing box is checked.
  4. If the mailing meets deflection standards, be sure that box is checked as well.

Changes will take effect the next time you close issue. If you were expecting to see barcodes on your current mailing labels and needed to make the above changes, it is necessary to roll back your list first and then make the above changes.