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Add subscription rates

Currently, Interlink Circulation supports handling up to 20 different rates, each with four separate terms, or lengths of time.

To add a rate:

  1. Select “Configure List…” from the “File” Menu
  2. Go to the “Subscriptions” tab
  3. Click the “Regular Rates…” button (or Promotional, Autopay, etc.)
  4. Click the “Add” button
  5. Give the new rate a name (e.g. In-County)
  6. Give term 1 a name (e.g. 6 Months)
  7. Specify in months the duration of the term
  8. Specify the dollar amount to charge the subscriber for this term
  9. If tax is applicable, enter the amount in the box labeled “Tax”, or enter “0” if there is no tax on your newspaper
  10. Click “Ok”, “Ok” again, and a final “Ok” to close all dialogue boxes and save the newly added rate

If needed, repeat the steps for each additional term you wish to define.

If you wish to edit an existing rate, highlight the rate and click “Edit” and make changes as needed.