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Unable to service list

Unfortunately, there will be times that “List Servicing” fails.  This is not a common or expected occurrence, but a realistic one.  You can still “Close Issue”,  print your labels and reports, and most importantly, get your publication out on time.

When you get the failed error message, it will give you the option to close anyway, and if in a time crunch…. it is encouraged that you proceed.  In the worst case scenario, some addresses will not be CASS processed, or walk sequenced, but since you service list each week when you close, any address issues should be minimal.

Failed List Servicing can be caused by several factors and the most common are listed below.  Usually, if you try a second time and/or on a different day, you will successfully service the list. If not, we encourage you to contact Client Solutions, as there may be a larger root cause.

Customers may experience “list servicing failed” for various reasons including:

  • Broadband connection speed
  • RAM in local system
  • CPU processor speed
  • List size


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