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USPS Postal Alert 3/17/2020:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Periodicals Publishing Frequency

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the following contingency plan has been implemented for Periodicals that will not be publishing per their stated frequency.

Periodicals Publishing Frequency Contingency Plan due to COVID-19


·       Should submit a letter on the publisher’s letterhead to the Original Entry Post Office serving their Known Office of Publication explaining that they will not be publishing as per their stated frequency

·       Should identify what issues will not be published to the Original Entry Post Office serving their Known Office of Publication

·       Should provide an update to the Original Entry Post Office serving their Known Office of Publication if impact to frequency continues beyond original identified issues

Note: PS Form 3510, Application for Reentry or Special Price Request for Periodicals Publication, is not required if frequency change is due to COVID-19

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to the Mailing & Shipping Solutions Center at 877-672-0007 or your local Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU).

March 17, 2020 - Update Regarding Coronavirus

During this time of uncertainty, you can be confident in Interlink – our infrastructure allows us to function at full capacity remotely and we are doing so for our employees’ safety. We are open and ready to help you!

Please note, however, that our phone provider is experiencing heavy usage which has impacted our phone system. You may reach our voicemail when you call, and we ask that you leave a message or email us at support@ilsw.com.

November 26, 2019 - Printer Recommendations for Interlink Circulation

The following options are available for labeling your newspapers, and are confirmed USPS Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) compatible and officially supported by Interlink:

Dot Matrix Printers

  • Epson LQ-590/Epson LQ-590 II
  • Epson FX-890/Epson FX-890 II
  • Epson LQ-2090/ Epson LQ-2090 II
  • Epson FX-2190/ Epson FX-2190 II
  • Epson DFX 9000 (9-pin only)
  • Okidata ML 490
  • Okidata ML 491

Thermal Printers* (z-fold, no tractors 1-up only)

  • Citizen CL-S621
  • Citizen CLP-621

(*Interlink rents thermal printers for a low monthly fee.)

Laser Printers

Most laser labels (i.e., Avery 2–up) are compatible. Interlink recommends keeping these on hand if you use a different labeling system in case of emergencies. Note that 3-up labels are not large enough to print the IMb.

The following printers are known to be IMb incompatible:

  • Citizen CLP-6002
  • Citizen 7202 E
  • Citizen CL-S700
  • Epson Stylus 1520
  • Okidata ML 320
  • Okidata ML 321\321 Turbo
  • Okidata ML 395
  • Okidata ML 420
  • Okidata ML 421
  • Okidata ML 591

July 31, 2019 - UPDATE!

The recent list servicing issue has been resolved. If your sort order was affected please roll back and re-close issue. Be sure that the “service list” box is checked.