Lyman County & Herald and Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun (SD)

“Joining the Interlink family was one of the best decisions I’ve made as publisher of two weekly newspapers.”

Lucy Halverson Lyman County & Herald and Chamberlain/Oacoma Sun (SD)

Pine River Times (CO)

“Interlink has saved me about $40 per week on my postal report! And the filing a postal report takes me a few minutes.”

Melanie Brubaker Mazur, Editor and Publisher Pine River Times (CO)

The Clarion (KS)

“Interlink was one of the few things keeping me sane as a new newspaper owner. I have been so thankful for the kind and helpful customer service from the Interlink reps.”

Lindsey Young The Clarion (KS)

Northeast Nebraska News (NE)

“Everything is going wonderfully! Our post office is just in love with us, and the program was easy to pick up and make the transition.”

Alisha Stone Northeast Nebraska News (NE)

Mustang Times (OK)

“Interlink’s Print to Mail renewal service saves us a lot of time. Other publishers should give it a try!”

Steve Kizziar Mustang Times (OK)

Lewis County Herald (TN)

“Seems like you guys really looked at everything when you put the program together. It’s easy to navigate and training is spectacular.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It thinks of everything for me.

Seems to be working well for the post office, as well. I don’t have to think about anything except entering the right information.”

Marne Carroll Lewis County Herald (TN)

McGehee Dermott Times-News (AR)

“I cannot say enough good things about my new Interlink circulation system.  My old Dos program was complicated and full of problems.  I had to go to one screen to update, another for a change of address, and still another for a name change.  I only received CASS certification every three months and that was after I manually sent my files on a diskette in the mail, waited about a week to get them back and hope they would load.

I purchased a new machine last October and was not able to transfer my files from the old one because, ‘He guessed that his software did not like Vista.’

I could not believe that changing programs was so easy and that it would be so simple to use.  Interlink walked me through emailing my files to them, and they handled the entire transfer for me.  No data entry at all. I spent a couple of afternoons on the phone training and that was it.

I was having trouble every week with my local post office, and after the first week (on Interlink), the postmaster called me and told me that my ‘mailing and postal reports were perfect.’

I am so glad I found Interlink.  For the first time I am not nervous about postal rate changing.”

Arlene White, Publisher McGehee Dermott Times-News (AR)

Virginian Leader (VA)

“I am completely satisfied with my new circulation software.  The training period was quick and effortless.  I am amazed at how much time this system saves me every week . . not to mention how much money I am saving in postage each week!  I would HIGHLY recommend Interlink to anyone who is thinking about updating.”

Amy Gilmer Virginian Leader (VA)

El Dorado Springs Sun (MO)

“In the three weeks we have been with Interlink we’ve saved an average of $96.89 per week on our postage. That’s super. I’m more than pleased.”

Kimball Long El Dorado Springs Sun (MO)

Lakeview Area News (MI)

“Interlink saved my business!

We were doing our postal reports by hand. Then the Post Office refused to mail our papers! Interlink came to our rescue!”

Linda Huckins, editor & co-owner Lakeview Area News (MI)