Postmaster General Megan Brennan welcomed the National Newspaper Association Printer’s Postal Workshop to the Ben Franklin Conference Center at Postal Service headquarters on March 16. Also pictured is Tonda Rush, director of public policy and general counsel for NNA.

Newspaper mail delivery is being improved: here’s how

Top Postal Service deputies and vice presidents delivered a practical and in-depth report on the newspaper mail Kaizen sessions it ran monthly in 2015. Half of the sessions were at Interlink client papers.

The outcome of the Kaizen sessions identified practices both on the newspaper side as well as the Postal Service side where changes could quickly and easily make a significant improvement in delivery consistency.

Changes included a new label format that will make it less likely that the mail room will overlook a bundle break, resulting in a bundle of papers going in the wrong direction with another bundle. It was also noted how hub transfers could be anticipated: knowing that papers on a certain truck were to be transferred to another truck, rather than depending on the staff on the dock to determine transfers, was an important improvement. 

The session was the first live presentation that is expected to be taken on the road to serve many more than the few dozen plant managers representing more than 200 newspapers in attendance. Both USPS and NNA voiced commitment to additional collaboration to disseminate this valuable information.


Visiting with Texas customers

Visiting with Texas Customers

Callie Metler-Smith, publisher of Throckmorton Tribune, and office manager Gayle Lovvorn, work with Interlink sales manager Che’ Eddie during the annual Texas Press Mid-Winter Conference in January. Click here for more photos from TPA as well as other conference attended.

Meeting customers at MPA convention

Visiting with Texas Customers

Laura Streelman, executive assistant at Interlink, visits with customer Wes Maurer of St. Ignace News, during the Michigan Press Association Convention. The annual convention was held this January in Grand Rapids where Streelman and sales manager Chris Freeman attended. Click here for more photos from MPA as well as other conventions.

Q&A: My Circulation icon disappeared

Q. While updating Interlink Circulation to the latest version, my icon disappeared. How do I get it back?

A. When updating to a newer version of Circulation, occasionally the icon will disappear from the desktop as the older version is being uninstalled in preparation for the new version. The disappearance of the icon usually happens due to an interruption in connectivity during the downloading process.

If your icon is removed from your desktop, simply download the software again from, open the program and restore your list from Interlink.

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact our client solutions team at 888-473-3103.

Which version are you using?

While updating your software may not be at the top of your priority list, we encourage you to verify you’re using the latest version of Interlink Circulation—V2.4.6—and to update if not. Monthly releases ensure your publication is using the most recent postage rates, meeting all USPS requirements and taking advantage of added features.

The following are Circulation versions and percentages based on customer use:

V2.4.6 – 74%
V2.4.5 – 11%
V2.4.4 – 15%

Interlink welcomes new employee

Kady Helms
 Kady Helms joined Interlink’s client solutions team in January, after relocating from northern Michigan. She has held customer service positions in varying fields while attending college. Kady has always had an interest in the world of technology and a soft spot for helping those needing assistance.

When not at work, Kady loves spending time with her young daughter, often outdoors enjoying nature. Kady is a sports fanatic and catches every possible Michigan State sporting event she can, be it on TV or in person.

You can contact Kady at 888-473-3103 or by emailing her at

Take a bow…

When exhibiting at state press association conventions and trade shows, a drawing is always held for a free conversion to Interlink Circulation.

We encourage you to visit our booth during your convention to learn more about Circulation and enter to win the free conversion.

Texas winner

Winner in Texas

Carolyn and O.D. Anderson, publishers, Texas Mohair Weekly

INA Winner

Winner in Iowa

Jeff Wagner, president, Iowa Information Group

Michigan winner

Winner in Michigan

Tom MacDonald, publisher, Gratiot County Herald

Winner in Ohio

David Thornberry, regional publisher, DHI Media

Winner in Wisconsin

Greg Evans, owner, Evans Printing

Click here to view photos from state press association conventions and trade shows.

Interlink client featured in Forbes article

Bill Moss, publisher of the Hendersonville Lightning, is featured in a Forbes article by Zack O’Malley Greenburg on the “quiet comeback” of “hyper-local newsweeklies.” The story offers an all-too-familiar look into the struggles facing the newspaper industry but credits Moss’s passion for reporting and dedication to his community for bringing about the success of his newsweekly. Click here to read the article.

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