Brad Hill

As CEO of Interlink, Brad Hill is passionate about ensuring an exceptional experience across all touch points with Interlink. He began working with Interlink in 2001 as a technical contractor after leaving his previous position as Network Administrator for a private school system in Tennessee. Recognizing his ability to bridge the gap between technical issues and non-technical people, Interlink offered Brad a permanent position handling the integration of Interlink Circulation into new customers’ business systems. Brad moved into his current position to support a like-minded focus on shaping and meeting customer expectations and delivering an unprecedented quality of service in the industry.

While studying Computer Science at the University of Tennessee in Chattanooga, he honed his soft skills by working as a “Saloon Keeper” (glorified bartender) at a local fine-dining restaurant. Brad is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and works closely with Interlink’s development efforts to promote features and usability in line with customer needs.

As the father of three young children, Brad believes his work at Interlink complements his role as a parent increasing his effectiveness at both. When not working with Interlink, Brad’s interests include traveling to warm locations with his wife and dabbling in the world of amateur photography, with a primary interest in portraiture.

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