Q&A My Circulation icon disappeared

Q.  While updating Interlink Circulation to the latest version, my icon disappeared. How do I get it back?

A.  When updating to a newer version of Circulation, occasionally the icon will disappear from the desktop as the older version is being uninstalled in preparation for the new version. The disappearance of the icon usually happens due to an interruption in connectivity during the downloading process.

If your icon is removed from your desktop, simply download the software again, open the program and restore your list from Interlink.  

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact our client solutions team at 888-473-3103.

NNA Summit—Early Bird Registration Deadline is Feb. 22

From NNA

Lucy Dalglish, a nationally-recognized First Amendment advocate and lawyer, will be the keynote speaker at the National Newspaper Association’s Community Newspaper Leadership Summit, March 16-17 in Washington. Dalglish, who is currently dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, will address community newspaper publishers, editors and NNA Foundation News Fellows at the National Press Club the evening of March 17.

NNA President Chip Hutcheson, publisher of The Times-Leader, urged publishers to make time for the 2016 summit. With a high-octane election year rolling out, Congress will be under pressure to make major decisions on issues that affect newspapers. NNA members will visit Capitol Hill the afternoon of March 17. Among the issues they will tackle with their congressional delegations:

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Discontinuation of 1″ sack tag

As of January 26, 2014, the United States Postal Service discontinued the use of one-inch sack and tray tags. Additionally, all current USPS sacks and trays have changed their holders to accommodate two-inch tags, which do not properly secure one-inch tags.

While Interlink discontinued the sale of one-inch tags in August 2013, the report has remained in Circulation for those publications that did yet make the transition to two-inch sack and tray tags.

To remain complaint with the USPS regulations, Interlink will remove the ability to print one-inch periodical and standard mail tags from Circulation in January 2016.

If you need assistance in making the transition to two-inch tags, our Client Solutions team may be reached at (888)473-3103 or

To purchase two-inch sack tags or other supplies, click here to access our online mailing supply store.

Latest version of Circulation ready for download

Interlink Circulation Version 2.4.3 is live and ready for update. If you don’t update through the program, you can obtain the latest version from our Download page.

Please read the Release Notes when you perform your automatic update!

Congressional action is needed NOW to preserve small-town mail service, community newspaper organization says

From NNA

WASHINGTON—If Congress does not act quickly to reform the U.S. Postal Service, small-town America can expect a further slow-down of the mail, said Chip Hutcheson, publisher of The Times-Leader in Princeton, KY, when he testified to a U.S. Senate committee Jan. 21.

Hutcheson, president of the 130-year-old National Newspaper Association, told the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs that the closing of many mail processing plants by the troubled Postal Service over the last decade has already hurt mail service, which in turn damages local economies. He said a survey of his 2,300-member association of community newspapers indicated more than 92 percent said they have had recent problems getting newspapers through the mail on time. Nearly half report problems with First-Class or Priority Mail as well. NNA represents community newspapers, including more than 2,000 weeklies that largely depend upon mail distribution to reach readers.

Congress has been trying since 2008 to reach agreement on legislation to help the Postal Service address falling mail volumes, but still serve every household in America. Postmaster General Megan Brennan testified that the Postal Service had incurred $56.8 billion in net losses since 2007.

The testimony was offered by NNA in a hearing called by Committee Chair Ron Johnson, R-WI, entitled “Laying Out the Reality Of the Postal Service.” Johnson and his committee are being asked by a coalition of businesses that use the mail and of postal workers to prevent further mail cutbacks.

Sen. Thomas Carper, D-DE, has introduced the Improving Postal Operations, Service and Transparency (iPOST) Act, to prompt action on Capitol Hill. Hutcheson told the committee the bill could serve as a foundation for congressional action this year, but urged Congress to act before April, when USPS finances are expected to worsen by $1 billion because of a court-ordered postage rollback.

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Practical workshop for printers responsible for newspaper mailing announced

From NNA

A hard-hitting educational workshop for printers and publishers that prepare Periodicals newspapers has been announced by the National Newspaper Association for March 16, 2016, in Washington.

Practical and detailed, the event will focus on mail preparation techniques to help newspapers improve on-time delivery in the mail. This education program is one of many steps NNA is taking to address an outbreak of subscriber complaints about mail delivery.

NNA President Chip Hutcheson, publisher of The Times Leader in Princeton, KY, said attendees should come prepared to dig into the details of creating bundles and containers, targeting critical entry times so newspapers do not miss transportation opportunities and utilizing new U.S. Postal
Service service hubs. They should also bring their own concerns for top USPS officials to address. NNA will also unravel some of the complexity surrounding electronic documentation and Full-Service IMb.

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PostalOne! system restored and functional


The PostalOne! system is restored and fully functional. In addition, other applications affected by this issue (CAPS, FAST, eVS) are available. eDoc submitters should begin submitting their electronic mailing information immediately and Acceptance Units will begin processing mailings and the reconciliation process described in the PostalOne! Contingency plan.

The application team will continue to monitor the system. If you experience any issues, please contact the PostalOne! Help Desk at 800.522.9085.

PostalOne! service still not available

PostalOne! continues to be down with no estimate given for when the service will become available. We will provide updates as we receive them, but until it is operational, please click here to follow the USPS Contingency Plan.

Bill Moss of Hendersonville Lightning featured in Forbes

Interlink client Bill Moss, publisher of the Hendersonville Lightning, is featured in a Forbes article by Zack O’Malley Greenburg on the “quiet comeback” of “hyper-local newsweeklies.” The story offers an all-too-familiar look into the struggles facing the newspaper industry but credits Moss’s passion for reporting and dedication to his community for bringing about the success of his newsweekly. Click here to read the article.


Brad Hill becomes an Interlink shareholder

bill_brad_signingInterlink founder and owner Bill Garber announced December 1, 2015, that Interlink President Brad Hill has become a stockholder in the company.

Interlink is a privately owned circulation management company serving the newspaper industry. Publishers of more than 1,700 newspapers across the US use Interlink services to grow newspaper subscription penetration and manage subscriber services, including delivery by mail or carrier.

Hill began working with Interlink in 2001 as a technical contractor after leaving his previous position as Network Administrator for a private school system in Tennessee. Recognizing his ability to bridge the gap between technical issues and non-technical people, Interlink offered him a permanent position handling the integration of Interlink Circulation into new customers’ business systems.

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