Attention: Interlink Circulation Current eDoc Users

We have recently been informed that USPS PostalOne!® is having issues transferring correct data to postage statements.  USPS PostalOne!® is aware of the issue and is currently working on a solution. Please refrain from electronically submitting your postage report through Interlink Circulation until receiving notification that the issue has been resolved.  

In the meantime, it is perfectly okay for you to provide your Post Office with a printed postage report provided by your Interlink Circulation software.  Thank you for your patience as USPS PostalOne!®  works to resolve this matter.   

2 Responses to Attention: Interlink Circulation Current eDoc Users

  1. john galer says:

    I can’t get configured in Postal One.
    Is this the same problem as not accepting the
    postage statements?

    Please Advise

  2. akurtz says:

    The issue that USPS PostalOne!® is having is with regard to the 3541(postal statement) not calculating correctly. Therefore, we are encouraging our customers to print and physically take the statement in to their post office. This issue with PostalOne!® should not prevent a user from configuring USPS PostalOne!® within Interlink Circulation.

    If you are experiencing the inability to verify a connection when configuring PostalOne!®, first you should ensure that you have the latest version of Java on your computer by going to: and click on free Java download.

    Once you have verified you have the most up-to-date Java version, please follow these steps:
    1. Click on PostalOne!® at the top of your subscriber screen.
    2. Choose Configure PostalOne!.
    3. Fill in your Business Gateway Account information.
    — If your do not have that information, here are the links you can use to obtain the information:
    o A USPS Business Customer Gateway account:
    o A Mailer ID which is described in detail here:
    o Apply for TEM access which is outlined here:

    4. Fill in all required information under Periodical Mail TEM (Test Environment for Mailers).
    5. Click verify PostalOne!® connection. The connection should be verified.
    6. Once you have verified a connection, please uncheck the box next to Use Full-Service Intelligent Mail (due to the issues that USPS PostalOne!® is currently experiencing).

    If you do not establish a connection after you have completed the steps above, please give Tech Support a call @ 1-888-473-3103 for further assistance.