Discontinuation of 1″ sack tag

As of January 26, 2014, the United States Postal Service discontinued the use of one-inch sack and tray tags. Additionally, all current USPS sacks and trays have changed their holders to accommodate two-inch tags, which do not properly secure one-inch tags.

While Interlink discontinued the sale of one-inch tags in August 2013, the report has remained in Circulation for those publications that did yet make the transition to two-inch sack and tray tags.

To remain complaint with the USPS regulations, Interlink will remove the ability to print one-inch periodical and standard mail tags from Circulation in January 2016.

If you need assistance in making the transition to two-inch tags, our Client Solutions team may be reached at (888)473-3103 or support@ilsw.com.

To purchase two-inch sack tags or other supplies, click here to access our online mailing supply store.

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